Welcome to The Venue at KCF!

We are the Special Events/Rentals division at the beautiful Kendall County Fairgrounds in Yorkville, Illinois.

The Fairgrounds holds two indoor spaces used for events on the grounds, The Hall and The Gallery. The largest of the two, The Hall, caters to a guestlist of up to 500! Twinkling icicle lights and exposed beams with draped white fabric bring rustic elegance to life. A gorgeous blank canvas to build on! The peg board walls allow for bridal parties to decorate to their hearts content. The decor rules are fairly lax as wedding venues go. Divide the huge room in half or enjoy the vastness of the space. More space means more dancefloor!

The Hall is heated, so winter weddings are an option for this space. Though not air conditioned, the heating system has fans built in to gain some circulation. Throw the doors open and enjoy the summer air! Wifi is available for your DJ. As for alcohol, the Kendall County Fairgrounds requires renters to purchase all alcohol through the Fairgrounds in order to be included under their license. Extra costs to factor in when renting the large Hall building is the rental of tables and chairs for your guests. This can be done through the Kendall County Fairgrounds or another party rental company. Linens and tableware must also be brought in. Basically the building is a huge empty space, and you’ve gotta fill it. But on the flip side, you can get creative and personalise it to your liking. Other things to note – there is no separate prep kitchen for catering, but a section of the space can be delegated for that use. Popular at this venue are pig roasts or food trucks. Any caterer is ok! A refrigerator is behind the bar for extra food to be kept after dinner service, but no freezer is available. An air conditioned Bridal space, dubbed The Parlor, is available for quick changes or a brief respite during the hullabaloo of your event.

The second indoor option on the grounds is the The Gallery. This is ideal for smaller parties of up to 130 guests. Two private bathrooms are inside and rental includes the free use of tables and chairs. A prep kitchen is also within the building. This room is also decorated with icicle lights around the perimeter, which can be used instead of the florescent lighting, giving more of a romantic ambiance.

As for Ceremony sites, the Fairgrounds has several locations on the grounds. Near The Gallery is an intimate patio, perfect for a small ceremony in the garden. Or find a grove of trees that you find picturesque to say your vows beneath. Another lovely place to host your ceremony is the retaining wall/rose garden, known as The Steps; you and your fiance stand on the top as your party line up on the stairs. There is also a picturesque Bridge and the historic Grand Stands, both of which are great for ceremony sites.

For any questions, please email us at or call 630-708-8827 

10826 IL-71, Yorkville IL 60560