Thank you for your interest in joining the Savvy A-Fair Market as a vendor, crafter, service provider or re-seller! To register, please use the form below. Once your form has been submitted, we will reply with an acceptance or denial and send an invoice and/or confirmation within approximately 24 hours.

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Phone number
Please select one of the following options. Vendor - new merchandise to sell or order Crafter - homemade items Service Provider - e.g. photographer, artist, calligrapher, etc... Re-seller - individual selling gently used decor and products Other - please explain below
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Please specify the date of the market to which you are applying *
Please specify the date of the market to which you are applying
The Kendall County Fair Association (KCFA) and any of its representatives will not be held responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items. *
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I understand that submission of this application does not guarantee acceptance. An invoice will be sent within approximately 24 hours of submitting this application. Payment must be received within 48 hours. Upon payment, my space is confirmed for the market (specified date) to which this application applies. *
I understand that my booth must be fully set up prior to the market's publicized opening time and that I will not begin to pack up my booth until after the market's publicized closing time. *
I understand that refunds will not be provided, should I be unable to attend the event. Refunds will ONLY be given if the event is cancelled at the discretion of the KCFA. *